Transcode Video for Microsoft Movie Maker

Windows Movie MakerI’m not a huge fan of MS Movie Maker, but it comes on newer versions of Windows and is easy to use, so who am I to judge. 🙂

Just had a small project that required some DVDs converted so they’d work in Movie Maker. It was a bit more challenging than I expected. I just assumed xVid, DivX, or H264 avi files would be imported into Movie Maker. Alas, this is not the case (at least from what I was able to find).

After several attempts at various video and audio codecs I finally got one to work. Here’s the process I used:

bash$> cat VTS_1_1.vod VTS_1_2.vob VTS_1_3.vob > myMovie.vob
bash$> ffmpeg -i myMovie.vob -qscale 7 -vcodec wmv2 -s 720x480 -aspect 4:3 -ab 256k -ar 48000 -vol 400 -async 48000 -ac 2 -acodec pcm_s16le -g 300 myMovie.wmv

** the asspect ratio, resolution and other settings were all defined to use the same specs as the original VOB file.