New Website

Welcome to the new website.  We’ve just moved our Flash based website over to WordPress.  Although we do about 80% of our development in Flash (or Flex) we’ve decided to migrate the site over to an HTML based site instead.  There are several reasons for this:

1) Easier Maintenance – Although we build tools to allow for easy updates in Flash it’s still not as convenient as good old HTML.  We can make fast edits and updates without much effort at all. Even though we’re developers and can technically do all the pieces on our own website…we’re busy, and the thing that gets pushed off is always your own stuff.  So our site was woefully out of date with several missing projects not yet listed.  Making this switch to WordPress means I can have a Intern or administrative staff member help out by allowing them access to update the site themselves.

2) WordPress = CMS – We’ve been using WordPress more and more for our clients.  Although I have many beefs with the way WordPress does things, the simple fact is that it’s easy.  It’s easy for our clients to use, easy to skin, easy to install 3rd party plugins, easy to pass off to someone else to work on (I’m a busy guy remember).  I like easy.

3) iPhone/iPad – There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Apple toys not supporting Flash.  I’m not making the switch because of this reason (traffic to the site using these devices is less than half of one percent), but it is a positive side effect that I wanted to point out.  I’ll get into my views of the iPhone/iPad lack of Flash support in another post.

4) I want to blog – I have opinions.  Pretty strong ones in fact, and I’d like to voice some of them.  I also have a very good memory…it’s just short.  So I wanted to have my own repository of notes.  I’m still pretty old school when it comes to reminders.  I keep notebooks and sticky notes all over my desk.  So this is an attempt of organizing myself.

5) I’m an expert (“ex” as in “a has-been” and “spurt” as in “a drip under pressure”) – … in some areas, so I figured my company site was a good place to talk about the things I do and share some of that knowledge.  I’ll try and convince some of the other BashBang team to write about things they are experts in or things they’ve learned.  In actuality I hate to be called an expert.  There’s always someone out there who knows more than me.  I’m actually a jack of all trades type.  Not just in computers, but other stuff too.  I’ll probably stick to computer stuff in this blog though.

6) I want to write gooder – I write a lot, but it’s mostly proposals and emails.  Everything I write I try to add in a laugh or two…the more boring the document, the more campy my writing becomes. I’ve heard from various sources that the more one writes the better one gets at it … so I’m calling this hour one, 9999 hours to go (Outliers).