Javascript Deobfuscate & Beautifier

Some developers spend a great deal of time developing javascript for various projects and want to protect that code from being stolen or re-purposed for other reasons. I get why they do it and support the concept. The problem is when the code has issues. If the code has been obfuscated it’s impossible to make code changes or edits to the JavaScript….or in the case I recently came across, fix the developers code as there is a bug/conflict that is unique to my install.

So, for every security feature available there’s a hack to undo it. I found this tool that deobfuscates and beautifies the JavaScript so it’s readable and editable (thanks Einar for making this tool…very helpful).

** side note: Sometimes it’s not about obfuscating the code. Sometimes a developer is just trying to minify the code for faster download. Minifying can reduce the size of a JavaScript considerably, but in my opinion should only be done if it’s a REALLY large .js file.