Google Site Search over SSL

We recently had a client who wanted to enhance the search function on their website. Their current solution was just a keyword search through various fields in the database which is fine, but isn’t as robust a solution as they wish they could have. One of the key features they wanted was to have “recommendations” when someone made a spelling error. This is potentially quite complex to implement. Rather than building it we opted to use Google Site Search.

We implemented the free Google Site Search function and got it all up and working, then we launched it and upgraded to the premium ad free version for the live site. That all went smoothly until we hit what appeared to be a small problem.

The entire website in question is run over SSL. This means that in certain browsers (Internet Explorer in particular) a warning message pops up when mixed SSL/non-SSL content is displayed on a page. The Google content is non-ssl so we had a problem. Granted, it’s only a warning, but MS has done a good enough job of making the language scary enough that many users will opt not to display the unprotected content…resulting in a blank search results page in our case.

I did a lot of searching around and caused a few additional bald spots on my scalp looking for a fix to the issue. Something you’d expect to be a quick fix isn’t. On the Google Site Search customize section they even provide a HTTPS option for a user to choose. It pulls the required external javascript from HTTPS as it should. After looking at what that file actually does I saw that it generates an iframe that has a hard coded HTTP: within it. I simply downloaded that javascript file ( put it on my site, modified the contents of the file where it shows HTTP: to HTTPS:, changed the call to use my own js file rather than the one from Google, and it’s done and works.

If you want to look at the code on show_afs_search.js you’ll need to read up on how to make the code readable. Start by reading this previous entry I wrote.

No credit to anyone this time…I figured it out all on my own. 🙂 In case you’re thinking it’s such an obscure problem no one else would ever have the same issue, read here.

Update: I was premature with posting this fix. Although it did work on the results page there seems to be issues when you choose a link from that results page. The href makes a call to javascript that isn’t wrapped within the SSL which then produces a warning. I gave up on it and just went to using CURL to grad the XML data, parsed, styled it then outputted it.