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Geek Inside

I have a notebook on my desk (old school coiled paper notebook…not one of these fancy Interweb type gadgets) that I’ve carried around with me for the past 10 years.  It has all sorts of geek notes.  Thinks like how to compile a FreeBSD kernel, how to setup Samba, how to config NFS, etc.  Some of the notes I now know by heart, but I still refer to it frequently.  I know I can find all this stuff in Google, but good old pen and paper has been tried and true for me so I have a tendency to start there…especially if I’ve already done it once before.

It’s time to join the new millennium though and move these notes to an electronic version.  It’ll save me the time of having to Google as much and of course add to the masses of knowledge out there…all be it mostly redundant I’m sure.