Browser Tools

We develop websites…and of course we use various types of tools to do this. Every web developer I know follows the following simple rules:

1) Develop for Firefox. Build out your site to work with Firefox first. Once you’re happy with the page/site, modify your CSS and HTML to then make it work in IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Opera
2) Install and use the Web Developer Toolbar
Web Developer Toolbar
3) The Firebug plugin for Firefox is a MUST HAVE: (not to be confused with our friends at the create-a-game site Fyrebug)

For Flash developers there’s some tools that make all the difference when it comes to debugging and testing:
4) Flash Switcher which allows you to easily toggle between various versions of Flash.
Flash Switcher

5) Flash Tracer which allows you to see your Flash IDE output, but inside your browser.
Flash Tracer
6) The debug versions of Flash which you can get (along with all the past versions of Flash) from Adobe’s archive.